Information about Khiva

Khiva is a very ancient and mystical city. The legend about the founding of the city tells that the city was built around the Kheyvak pit, the water from which had an amazing taste, and the pit was dug by order of Sim, the son of the biblical Noah. Today, in Ichan-Kala, you can see this pit.

Khiva was founded more than 2500 years ago, according to archaeological information. In ancient times, the city was called Kheyvak. Khiva, in the past, was the capital of the Khiva khanate. But not initially. The change in direction of the Amu Darya river in the XVI century destroyed the former capital of Gurganj.

In 1919, the Russian army destroyed the entire army of Khiva Khan. And in 1920, Khiva became the capital of the Khorezm Soviet People's Republic. In 1924, the lands of the Khorezm oasis became part of modern Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.