Information about Tashkent

Capital of Uzbekistan and a megalopolis located in Central Asia. This unique city has a inimitable colour. It elegantly combines ancient buildings, beautiful European architecture, modern business centers. Being an ancient city, Tashkent is the embodiment of modern elegance.

Tashkent is very rich in its history. Only the name of the city takes us into deep history. This city in the early Middle Ages was called Chach, Shash and Jach. From the XI century the city began to be called Tashkent. And the name “Tashkent” means “stone city” (the word “tosh” means “stone”).

Tashkent city was an integral part of Amir Temur’s empire in the XIV-XV centuries.

Tashkent is located in northeastern Uzbekistan. To the east and northeast of the city are located the spurs of the western Tien Shan.