Ichan-Kala is a historic inner city surrounded by powerful walls in the city of Khiva.

Raised over the centuries, mosques and madrasahs, mausoleums and minarets, caravanserais and baths turned Ichan-Kala into a unique city-monument.

Legend says that during the construction of the Ichan-Kala citadel, clay was used from the same places from which the prophet Muhammad took it when he built Medina. The lake, which appeared later, is considered to be holy.

Another legend says that the Heyvak pit well, and water from there had an amazing taste, was dug out by Sim, the son of the biblical Noah.

Also according to legend, the construction of Khorezm began Sim. Driving through Khorezm, he fell asleep. In those days, the place of the city was desert. In the dream, he saw that the city was surrounded by fire. Waking up, he began construction, and he laid the first foundation. During construction, he dug a pit and, slaking his thirst, said, “Hey vak! Hey vak!”, which means “as well”. After that the city took the name Khiva.

Ichat Kala became the first World Heritage site in Central Asia.