Kalta Minar

Kalta Minar is a minaret in Khiva with a height of 29 meters, located on the territory of the Ichan-Kala citadel. The minaret is located to the right of the Muhammad Amin Khan madrasah. The name Kalta Minar is translated as “short minaret”.

Kalta Minar was conceived by Khiva Khan Muhammad Amin Khan as the largest and tallest in the Muslim world. According to his plan, the height of the minaret should have been 70-80 meters, with the diameter sharply decreasing with height, which would make the minaret more durable.

The construction of the minaret began in 1852 and in 1855 was unexpectedly discontinued. According to the Khiva historian and writer Agakhi, the construction was not completed due to the death in Muhammad Amin Khan.

Kalta Minar is known precisely for its incompleteness and unique decor. It is the only minaret completely covered with glazed tiles and majolica. The tiles are dominated by dark green, blue and white, and some patterns are turquoise.