Madrasah Abulkasym

Madrasah Abulkasym Sheikh was built in the XVI century in a single ensemble with the Mausoleum of Hanaka Muyi Muborak. Originally it was a one-story complex, which included a mosque, madrasa, and a bath. The complex was a community center. 

In 1864, when work was carried out to restore the madrasah, the second floor was completed. Visitors can notice the painted walls as quotations from the Quran, which have educational meaning, as well as poems with verses. There are twenty hujras in the madrasah, where the workshops of the Art Academy are located.

In such hujrah folk artists pass on the national tradition of mentoring to the younger generation. Masters are engaged in the manufacture of national souvenirs, among which are unique lacquer plasters with paintings in the oriental style.

Madrasah is famous for the fact that here a relic in the form of several hairs from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad is kept in a special room called “Khanaka Muyi Muborak”. Also in the 20th century, the prominent Uzbek writer Abdullah Kadiri studied here.

As for the architecture of the madrasah, the upper part of the mehrob was renovated relatively recently in 2002, the facade is decorated with niches.