Madrasah Barakhan

Madrasah got its name in honor of the ruler of the complex in the middle of the XVI-th century Navruz Ahmed Khan, nicknamed Barakhan. The Barak Khan madrasah was built in the 16th century by Suyunij Khan, whose ancestor is Ulugbek.

Madrasah is known for its rich library where you can find a storehouse of oriental manuscripts, among which is the world famous Koran of the Caliph Osman - the Ottoman Koran. It was written in the middle of the 7th century and consists of 353 parchment sheets with the original text of the Koran.

Formerly, the Ottoman Quran was kept in the treasury of the caliphs (alternately in Medina, Damascus and Baghdad). There are various versions of how the Ottoman Quran came to Tashkent, but according to the common version, this work was found in 1393, when Amir Temur's troops seized the territory, and Amir Temur himself replenished his library with valuable manuscripts in Samarkand.

The Barak Khan complex consists of the mausoleum and the two-dome mausoleum of the khanaka, which was built in 1530 in honor of the governor of Tashkent at that time. The vault of the madrasah looks like a nick-kolab-kori, and the pillars of the building are decorated with various mosaics.