Kukeldash Madrasah

Kukeldash Madrasah was built in about 1569 by the minister of the Tashkent Sheybanid sultans – Barak Khan and Dervish Khan, who had the nickname “Kukeldash”, and is the largest of the 23 madrasahs of old Tashkent. Kukeldash Madrasah is located not far from Chorsu bazaar.

The main portal, which height is 19.7 m, leads to the courtyard bounded by two-storey dormitories in the form of cells – hujjr. Each cell consists of a room and an entrance niche – ayvon. In one room were two or three students. From the towers at the corners of the main portal, muezzins, or azanchas, call on believers to cult (namaz).

The portal of the madrasah was severely damaged by earthquakes of 1866 and 1886, and was restored in 1950-60.