Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan

Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan is a madrasah which is located in the historical part of the city of Ichan Kala. It was built in 1851-1854 by Muhammad Amirkhan and became the largest madrasah in Central Asia.

The building consisted of two floors, with an area of ​​72 by 60 meters, and has 125 hujr intended for 260 students. The uniqueness of this educational institution was that each hujra consisted of two rooms, and the hujras located on the second floor had a room and a loggia outgoing the front of the building.

Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan is located opposite to the other sights of Khiva – Kunya Arka, at the gate Ata-Darvaza. And right in front of the building stands one of the main symbols of the city – the minaret Kalta Minor, the construction of which was led by the same Muhammad Aminkhan.

Madrasah of Muhammad Aminkhan once was one of the richest educational institutions, and owned numerous waqf lands. In addition, the building housed the Office of the Supreme Muslim Court. Today, there is a travel agency, hotel, currency exchange and a cafe. However, this magnificent building has preserved its historical appearance, and even a century later it amazes the residents and guests of Khiva with its greatness.