Madrasah of Ulugbek

Madrasah of Ulugbek is a madrasah in the city of Bukhara, which was built in 1417. Madrasah of Ulugbek is a one complex with the Madrasah of Abdulaziz Khan. The layout of the madrasah is two-housed, with an internal mosque and a “darshana”.

The facade of the madrasah is distinguished by two-level loggias and turrets. Above the entrance to the madrasah there is an inscription: “the desire for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim.”

According to Abdurazzok Samarkandi, Ulugbek, visiting the madrasah (1419), gave all teachers and students wealty gifts.

Currently, the madrasah houses the Museum of the History of Restoration of Monuments of Bukhara.