Islam Hoja Minaret

Islam Hoja Minaret is a minaret in Khiva located in the center of the Ichan-Kala citadel. The minaret is part of the Islam Hoja complex. Islam Hoja Minaret is the tallest building of Old Khiva, its height is 44.6 meters, and with this indicator, it is the second highest minaret after Kalyan-Minaret in Central Asia.

The construction of the minaret and the Islam Hoja madrasah was begun in 1908, at the initiative of the father-in-law and the chief vizier of Asfandiyar Khan, the ruler of the Khiva Khanate, Islam Hoja. The construction of both facilities was completed by 1910.

The diameter at the base of the minaret is 9.5 meters. Inside the pillar there is a winding brick staircase leading to the platform of the rotunda, a lantern supported by protruding rows of masonry designed in the form of a lush stalactite cornice, a sharaf.

At one time, the minaret did several functions. He was also an observation tower, and, also had a religious function. It was used for azan (call Muslims for namaz) to the nearest mosque. It was also used to call the population in the nearest area to read the decrees of the rulers.