Mustakillik Square

Mustakillik Square (“Independence Square”) is the central square of the capital where holiday events and military parades are held on days of ceremonial events and public holidays.

After Uzbekistan gained its Independence, in 1994 the V.I. Lenin Square was renamed and received the name “Mustakillik Maydoni”, which means “Independence Square”. 

”. Monument V.I. Lenin was replaced in his place, on the former pedestal the Monument of Independence of Uzbekistan was erected in the form of a globe, on which the contour of Uzbekistan contributes most of the disproportionately. Later, in front of the pedestal, a figure of a woman was installed, symbolizing the Motherland.

Today on the square are located the administrative buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Senate. There is also a memorial on the square – Memory Square dedicated to those who did not return from the fields of the World War II. Their names are written in gold letters in the "Book of Memory", which is located here. The memorial represents the figure of the Grieving Mother bending near the eternal fire, who did not wait for the fronts of that war of her children.

The entrance to Mustakillik Square is decorated with the “Ezgulik” Arch (“Good and Noble Aspirations”), over which storks rise up.