Tash-Khovli is a masterpiece of Khiva architecture of the XIX century, the summer residence of the Khiva khans. This is the palace of the ruler of the Khiva Khanate of Allakuli Khan. The castle is considered to be a masterpiece and the best in its creation due to the unique majolica panels on the walls, made in traditional blue tones. 

The ceilings are painted with terracotta colors. And on the pillars, and on the walls, and on the ceilings, there are adornments with patterns, the ornament of which has never been repeated, which makes admire the talent of skilled craftsmen.

According to historical information, the palace included 163 living rooms, as well as a harem, a guest hall – “mehmonkhona” and a courtroom – “arzkhona”. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful room was the living room of the sovereign, the windows of the palace had a copper openwork array, which made the palace mysterious. Each room of the harem and the whole palace is considered to be a masterpiece of applied art in Khiva, since the most difficult Oriental motifs were used in the ornamental decoration of Tash-Khovli.

Thanks to such a delightful architecture, which is complemented by a rich decoration, where every detail extremely fills the palace with a relief and pattern, Tash-Khovli attracts an incredible number of interested guests. After all, only there you can admire the talented works of ganch and marble carvers, and other oriental craftsmen and architects.